A great piece of research on mental health amongst English language teaching professionals

I recently participated in a study on mental health among English language teaching professionals. The findings have recently been released and I highly recommend that colleagues read the study and its results.

Managers within ELT and EAP (English for academic purposes) might benefit from reading the results of the study. Mental health is a serious issue meriting consideration, especially within the worlds of ELT/EAP/TESOL which are often highly money-driven and fertile grounds for mental health issues and problems.

One issue that I am particularly interested in is bullying and harassment within the workplace within Higher Education. These two issues are common causes of mental health issues within HE. From my experiences in HE, all of the worst managers I have worked with have been either clueless or purposefully malevolent in fostering a negative atmosphere by engaging in bullying and/or harassing behavior. On balance, all of the best managers and leaders I have worked with in HE have been keenly aware of these issues, the need to address them and the sensitivity and awareness of how to engage with staff who have or suffer mental health issues. So, there is hope!

via The Mental Health of English Language Teachers: Research Findings


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