Episode 2 – Transitioning from in-person to virtual workshops (without much notice)

In episode 2 of Digital Education Practices, Jonathan Menary from the Lancaster Environment Centre talks about how he and his team had to transform in-person workshops into virtual workshops at short notice through quick and open thinking.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Microsoft Teams for the webinar and live collaboration which is part of the Office 365 ecosystem of software;
  • Mural.co for the web-based digital whiteboard and cards-based activities for the workshops; Mural.co specializes in helping people to understand how to facilitate workshops remotely, which can also be used for facilitating focus groups among many others.

How did I make and record this podcast?

I use Zencastr to record the interviewee remotely – the audio quality and set up is very good!

I acquired a decent quality mic, the Blue Yeti USB Mic that is good for podcasting and recording my voice – far better than a normal, in-built mic that a laptop or desktop might have.

I then use Hindenburg Educator to edit the audio tracks together, add in the music and edit out any sounds.


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