Episode 3 – How to create and maintain engagement with first year students

In episode 3, Brian Gregory talks about a few ways he has used over the last few weeks to diversify and maintain engagement with first year students, one of which was a fireside chat style of conversation. Brian teaches entrepreneurship and strategy at the Lancaster University Management School

Video hosting platforms

There are several that you can use, depending upon what your college/university has access to and where your students are located.

For public/open options, YouTube is one example that can work and Vimeo.com is another that is also widely used.

If your college/university uses Office 365, then your institution may well have access to Microsoft Stream which is where all MS Teams meetings are saved when they’re recorded. Videos on MS Stream often require a login and so these are protected from public access unless your institution has turned this feature on.

If you have students based in the People’s Republic of China, then they won’t be able to access YouTube servers unless they can figure out a workaround. In this case, you might consider using Youku Tudou (often shortened to ‘Youku’) although you will need to be able to navigate the site, which is in Simplified Mandarin Chinese.


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