Month: June 2020


Episode 15: Working together, collaboratively: Changing dissertation-focused teaching sessions to ensure equity for students and realizing the benefits of digital education

In this episode, Steven Young and Sandra Nolte from the Department of Accounting & Finance at the Lancaster University Management School talk about the how they considered potential problems that moving teaching for the dissertation module online might pose. The result: they changed teaching sessions for the dissertation to ensure equity and a smooth experience as ...


Episode 14: Reflections on flexibility: A chat with colleagues about suddenly teaching and supporting students remotely

In this episode, colleagues Cathy Salzedo and Stacey Noble talk about their reflections on suddenly teaching and supporting students from home and how this shift has changed their teaching and working for the future. Cathy, a Teaching Fellow, and Stacey, a Teaching Fellow, both work in the Department of Accounting & Finance at the Lancaster University Management School.


Episode 13: What’s new, what’s fun?: The pleasures and pains of being a digital innovator

In this episode, Bela Chatterjee, Senior Lecturer in Law at the Lancaster University Law School, talks about the pleasures and pains of being an educator as a digital innovator. Bela notes that while innovation has a short half-life, this is what can keep our learning and teaching interesting. Bela's talk delves into her motivations for ...


Episode 12: A flipped classroom through digital chalk talks

In this episode, Sally Keith, an ecologist from the Lancaster Environment Centre, talks about how she transformed her delivery of teaching from a traditional, lecture-based approach by flipping her teaching through creating and using digital chalk talks. Sally also talks about the theories that informed her new approach to teaching. The result: more engaged learning and teaching.Theories ...


Episode 11: Experiential learning: Adapting a field trip-based module at speed

In this episode, Alison Stowell from the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology at Lancaster University Management School, talks about her reflections of adapting an experiential learning module at speed as a result of the lockdown caused by Covid19. The experiential learning for this module was initially based upon a field trip. Further references and reading mentioned Green ...


Banana Banana Bread

Originally posted on Amandeleine:
The first thing I ever made completely by myself (meaning my mom wasn’t allowed to help beyond answering the occasional question) was a chocolate chip banana bread. My high school sweetheart was a fan of the chocolate and banana combo and my mom made a mean chocolate chip banana muffin. I…


Episode 10 – Suddenly distant: Reflections on delivering a history conference online

Corinna Peniston-Bird from the Department of History at Lancaster University reflects upon how she and her colleague Mark Hurst from the History Department rapidly moved a postgraduate taught student conference to be delivered remotely. Corinna's reflections provide some insights into good practices and considerations for running remote conferences no matter the subject or discipline. Steps were taken in order to ...


Episode 9 – Creativity in the sciences: using hybrid online-in person teaching strategies for resilient education

In this episode, Amanda Rasmussen, an assistant professor and plant ecophysiologist in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Nottingham, talks about how she used hybrid online, in-person teaching strategies to create a more resilient educational experience. Part of this hybrid approach involved students using a modern collaboration system (MS Teams) for group work and ...