Episode 12: A flipped classroom through digital chalk talks

In this episode, Sally Keith, an ecologist from the Lancaster Environment Centre, talks about how she transformed her delivery of teaching from a traditional, lecture-based approach by flipping her teaching through creating and using digital chalk talks.

Sally also talks about the theories that informed her new approach to teaching. The result: more engaged learning and teaching.Theories that informed digital chalk talk.

Part of the inspiration for this transformation comes from how Khan Academy develops and delivers its teaching.


Below is a paper by Sally that provides an in-depth look into the background of flipping and the approaches that she took to inform her practice:

Some of the theories that informing this approach

  • Cognitive theory of multimedia learning
  • Cognitive overload
  • Cognitive affective theory of learning with media

Practicalities – what was used


3 thoughts on “Episode 12: A flipped classroom through digital chalk talks

  1. Thanks, Sally and Dustin for a wonderfully interesting discussion. I agree with your concerns about the need to treat the online student experience sensitively. I think this is tricky when we ourselves are learning-as-we-teach in terms of digital education practices, but does work towards reminding students that we are human too.

    The structure of your digital practices as being ‘short’ videos is actually similar to the structure we adopted for delivering some accounting software computer skills classes. Instead of a long lecture capturing the entire exercise book, it was split into step by step video segments.

    Enthusiasm is an interesting perspective to consider. I often wonder if the now necessary mandate for developing digital education practices will work to shake us from what we accept as custom/tradition…

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