Episode 4 – Shifting face-to-face exams for online delivery

In this two-part episode, Sandra Nolte and Steven Young from the Accounting & Finance Department of the Lancaster University Management School talk through the steps that they took to shift exams designed for face-to-face delivery for delivery online while ensuring students' access and welfare. In the Part 2, to be aired at a later date, Sandra … Continue reading Episode 4 – Shifting face-to-face exams for online delivery

Episode 1 – Digital Education Practices Podcast Launch

In this initial episode, I set out why I am launching the Digital Education Practices: What works? podcast. I talk briefly about the inspiration for this podcast, its purpose and give a few resources and tips for moving to digital education quickly.  My role in brief First and foremost, I am a pedagogue who co-develops pedagogy-informed curricula, programmes … Continue reading Episode 1 – Digital Education Practices Podcast Launch

Holding virtual office hours – suggestions

A colleague asked about holding virtual office hours. The question entailed both how to do this in terms of the pedagogy and the technology. So, I drafted a document that addresses some suggestions around holding virtual office hours (and tutorials) which can be found here: https://sway.office.com/yqhBJFryvfm46a5e?ref=Link as a Sway document that can be printed and shared.

Moving to digital education

The purpose of this post is to shed some light on some thoughts to consider, good practices and tips for moving from face-to-face teaching to digital education. NB: These are suggestions to help you to move to digital education. These solutions depend on your own abilities, desire and time. You have the support of your colleagues both in-intuition and beyond – you only need ask. The solutions here are informed suggestions. No perfect solutions exist.

Getting students to use (new) apps

I've decided to quickly write up some thoughts on getting students to use new apps for learning and teaching as a reflection on what I've observed over the last few years and more recently. It's safe to say that I approach this post from the point of view that there are many opportunities for digital … Continue reading Getting students to use (new) apps

A great piece of research on mental health amongst English language teaching professionals

I recently participated in a study on mental health among English language teaching professionals. The findings have recently been released and I highly recommend that colleagues read the study and its results. Managers within ELT and EAP (English for academic purposes) might benefit from reading the results of the study. Mental health is a serious … Continue reading A great piece of research on mental health amongst English language teaching professionals

CMALT portfolio compiled!

I am taking part in a pilot offered by the Association for Learning Technology that aims to support people in obtaining Certified Membership, or CMALT. In order to obtain CMALT, you have to reflect upon your experience to date and how it relates to the dimensions set out within the frameworks of CMALT. These dimensions, in many … Continue reading CMALT portfolio compiled!

A defence of “political correctness” — Politics and Insights

  I think this article is well worth a read for those of any political persuasion. The author makes several well-supported points. Dialogue is crucial if we are to understand each other and anyone with a view different to ours. https://www.youtube.com/embed/Im5GzJLJD-A?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent The left believe that in order to address prejudice and discrimination, it’s important to … Continue reading A defence of “political correctness” — Politics and Insights