2a: An understanding of teaching, learning and/or assessment processes

A central part of my role involves furthering my understanding of a range of educational theories, practices and research-based evidence that I can use to inform and underpin the development and implementation of technology-enhanced learning, teaching and assessment activities and content. Together, this enables me to:

  • Support administrative and teaching staff in the design and creation of learning materials and online learning spaces
  • Design technology-enhanced learning and teaching opportunities through use of relevant, appropriate practices and tools that are underpinned by sound, researched-based pedagogical practices
  • Evaluate potential and existing learning resources that might require modification, updating or purchase



My experience to date has directly involved me in many aspects of learning, teaching and assessment processes. Prior to my current role, I worked as a learning developer and taught on a range of courses within the field of English for academic purposes. I taught mostly International students and I occasionally taught Home and EU students. I taught small and large groups and provided individual learning support. In short, my previous experience was primarily student-focused though this focus later changed. Other related teaching experience to date has also consisted of developing learning and teaching materials, developing technology enhanced solutions to learning and teaching, training staff in VLE and technology usage (e.g. Moodle, Mahara and others) and training students and staff in technology enhanced learning and teaching technologies and tools so that these could be used confidently and appropriately.

Within my current role, my ‘learners’ are first and foremost academic staff and course administrators. Although I do not frequently have direct contact with students apart from queries regarding the VLE, I feel students are indirect learners as they are direct users of the fruits of collaboration between staff and myself. Specifically, I regularly collaborate with and advise academic staff on good practices in enhancing learning and teaching through the use of appropriate technologies while advising on matters related to design for learning so that blended and online learning opportunities are suitable for the aims and outcomes of a module or course in question.

Both my undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications (BA Russian/Spanish; MA Russian; MA TESOL) have informed me directly and indirectly on matters related to learning, teaching and assessment and education more generally through relevant courses/modules that I undertook. To further evidence my knowledge, skills and abilities with reference to the above and within the context of higher education, I applied for and successfully attained Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2015.

In addition, I have regularly presented and attended relevant professional conferences to network with other professionals and engage in ongoing and innovative research in learning and teaching. Through engaging with the wider community of practice, I have been able to augment my own understanding of learning and teaching while sharing back to the community my own understanding and insights into learning and teaching. I have even won an award, which to my delight and surprise, managed to be chosen over another project that consisted of a larger team effort. This success motivated me to continue to pursue innovation and success individually while sharing good practices (and feelings) garnered from these successes with colleagues.