This page is just a brief list of interests that I have…

Professional interests

  • education and pedagogy
    • social constructionism, connectivism interest me, to name a few
    • technology enhanced learning and teaching
    • digital education
    • critical digital pedagogy
  • peer…
    • assisted learning
    • assessment
  • academic writing, learning and teaching
  • leadership

Personal interests

  • photography
    • I currently use a Google Pixel 3, and I previously used a Google Pixel and an Olympus E-PL7 with a variety of lenses; I also sometimes use an old film camera (a Pentax K1000)
    • Nature and architecture are two of my favorite things to snap
    • I’ve also recently acquired an old Pentax K1000 film camera that’s causing me excitement as I re-think what and how to photograph
  • travel & nature
    • I enjoy visiting new cities, and I enjoy going to places that include forests, hills and mountains
  • cooking
    • I also enjoy baking!
  • reading (sometimes)
  • politics
  • history