MNGT160 Future Global Leaders – Sustainability Across Business

In this section, I’ll talk about my experiences, reflections, thoughts and learnings from a module called MNGT160 Future Global Leaders, which later was renamed to Future Global Leaders – Sustainability Across Business.

This module is still a pilot and has been a pilot since 2017. My involvement has evolved over time from being someone who worked with lecturers to coach and mentor them in terms of designing the module for online delivery to becoming module convenor/leader. It has been a journey and there have been a lot of things learned over the past few years, and so I aim to note down my experiences.

I’ll first talk about leadership of such a module and what this has entailed from my experience and working with colleagues from across a faculty in order to get the module up and running.

I aim to add further sections related to innovation in this module and online learning generally.