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Episode 15: Working together, collaboratively: Changing dissertation-focused teaching sessions to ensure equity for students and realizing the benefits of digital education

In this episode, Steven Young and Sandra Nolte from the Department of Accounting & Finance at the Lancaster University Management School talk about the how they considered potential problems that moving teaching for the dissertation module online might pose. https://open.spotify.com/episode/6Jld2iQUCRLoCQqA8dlRL1 The result: they changed teaching sessions for the dissertation to ensure equity and a smooth experience as ...


Episode 11: Experiential learning: Adapting a field trip-based module at speed

In this episode, Alison Stowell from the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology at Lancaster University Management School, talks about her reflections of adapting an experiential learning module at speed as a result of the lockdown caused by Covid19. The experiential learning for this module was initially based upon a field trip. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1ppxH5mBy0secLEP5ltA3V Further references and reading mentioned Green ...


Episode 10 – Suddenly distant: Reflections on delivering a history conference online

Corinna Peniston-Bird from the Department of History at Lancaster University reflects upon how she and her colleague Mark Hurst from the History Department rapidly moved a postgraduate taught student conference to be delivered remotely. Corinna's reflections provide some insights into good practices and considerations for running remote conferences no matter the subject or discipline. Steps were taken in order to ...


Episode 9 – Creativity in the sciences: using hybrid online-in person teaching strategies for resilient education

In this episode, Amanda Rasmussen, an assistant professor and plant ecophysiologist in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Nottingham, talks about how she used hybrid online, in-person teaching strategies to create a more resilient educational experience. Part of this hybrid approach involved students using a modern collaboration system (MS Teams) for group work and ...


Episode 8 – Reflections upon on MS Teams

In this episode, Helen Meek, a Senior Teaching Fellow the Department of Marketing at the Lancaster University Management School, reflects on how she integrated in Microsoft Teams in the autumn of 2019 onto a 3rd year marketing consultancy project module. The initial change came from a need to move from Box where students and staff normally ...


Episode 3 – How to create and maintain engagement with first year students

In episode 2, Brian Gregory talks about a few ways he has used over the last few weeks to diversify and maintain engagement with first year students, one of which was a fireside chat style of conversation. Brian teaches entrepreneurship and strategy at the Lancaster University Management School.


Episode 2 – Transitioning from in-person to virtual workshops (without much notice)

In episode 2 of Digital Education Practices, Jonathan Menary from the Lancaster Environment Centre talks about how he and his team had to transform in-person workshops into virtual workshops at short notice through quick and open thinking.


Getting students to use (new) apps

I've decided to quickly write up some thoughts on getting students to use new apps for learning and teaching as a reflection on what I've observed over the last few years and more recently. It's safe to say that I approach this post from the point of view that there are many opportunities for digital ...