Episode 9 – Creativity in the sciences: using hybrid online-in person teaching strategies for resilient education

In this episode, Amanda Rasmussen, an assistant professor and plant ecophysiologist in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Nottingham, talks about how she used hybrid online, in-person teaching strategies to create a more resilient educational experience.

Part of this hybrid approach involved students using a modern collaboration system (MS Teams) for group work and producing creative assessments (a video and a poster) relevant to their subject that also served as a departure from traditionally writing-heavy assignments.

Some of the rationales for this hybrid approach:

  • reduced assessment levels and reduced marking overall
  • development of a range of employability competences
    • critical thinking
    • communication
    • collaboration/group work
    • media and digital literacies

The creative assessments

  • a group-produced video of 10-15 minutes
    • consisted of a storyboard produced by students
    • students worked in groups of 4-5
  • a poster presentation that referred explicitly to the science


Teaching Teams – teaching, training resources and Amanda’s reflections


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